Shopify For Web3
Build Your Crypto Shop

Shop3 built-in MPC wallet, the simplest way to sell your tokens safe and fast.

How To Sell/Buy Tokens Easier

With a built-in MPC technology wallet, Buyers just need to sign with Email, choose NFTs, then pay with Paypal. That’s it.

And they could resell the NFTs or transfer to their cold wallet anytime.

Sign with Email

Built-in MPC wallet means you can sign with Email. keep your main assert in the cold wallet, and trade your investment with the built-in wallet

Online Payment

Support traditional online payment, including Paypal, stripe, credit card, and so on.

Custom Theme

Every creature has its own style, custom shop’s theme, be yourself.

Lower Cost

Transfer peer to peer, no duplicated gas lost. no commission.

Security First

No single-point security risk. no lost risk. smallest hacked risk.

API Extend

Integrable API, plugin support. and we have on-premises too.

One, Two, Three. Super Simple

support ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, ERC-3525
Sell Your Crypto Asserts In 10 Minutes